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Passion is what drives me! 

Welcome to NutmegSpiced, my online bakery.

I was looking through one of my many journals from years ago where one of my dream was to open a Caribbean bakery. This is funny because I am not a baker or a pastry chef (can you tell that I dream BIG? LOL).


I never thought this day would happen since I am devoted to health and wellness through my other company Juice Wealthy and baking wasn't a huge part of my program when I studied culinary management-Nutrition at George Brown College. I mean, "healthy desserts" isn't anywhere close to these treats. In fact, I always thought the idea of an "healthy dessert" to be an oxymoron but that's just me. No matter how well nutritionally I ate, there was always space for dessert...what's life without balance? Are you really living without having an amazing dessert every now and then? Not for me.


 No matter what I did, I couldn't give up on this passion of mine of making pastries and other desserts that reminded me of "home". It gives me so much pleasure! I didn't have the best childhood growing up so this company fills a void in an happy way. It gives me an opportunity to remember the good times.

Christmas was my favourite time of the year when I lived in Grenada.


I would smell the cakes baking in the oven, sorrel and ginger beer making. Spices such as nutmeg, bergamot, cinnamon just to name a few awaken some of my best childhood memories. Grenada is known as Spice Island, a small country with one of the largest production of nutmeg. #nutmegspiced.

My goal with NutmegSpiced is to bring pleasure and togetherness to everyone by recreating some of our favourite island treats such as coconut fudge, coconut tarts, groundnut sugar-cakes, cut-cake, black cake, sweet potato pudding & more. These treats were some of my childhood's favorites which are freshly handmade from scratch with skills that were self-taught at a very young age along with some of my culinary mastery.

The smiles on my customers faces is what excites me most. I make sure to source the right blends of ingredients as well as using traditional techniques to bring authenticity to your lives right here in Toronto.


Let NutmegSpiced be a part of your next event.

Seagull in Grenada
Seagull in Grenada

Seagull on the beach in Grenada

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Grenadian Buildings
Grenadian Buildings

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Grenada map
Grenada map

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Seagull in Grenada
Seagull in Grenada

Seagull on the beach in Grenada

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NutmegSpiced is a made to order direct-to-consumer online Grenadian bakery founded by Sonisha Paul, a native Grenadian and a professional culinary chef. NutmegSpiced's distinctive collection of Grenadian treats includes cut-cake, sweet potato pudding, cheese straws and more. They are a delicious gift for yourself or others any time of year.


Our desserts are gourmet and handmade from scratch, sourcing only high quality ingredients. We remain authentic by importing some of our raw ingredients from the Spice Island (Grenada) itself. Each product is handle with the utmost love and care and is made fresh to order. We make everything fresh on the same day they are picked up by our lovely customers. Everything is made in-house and we operate from our own little commercial kitchen. Get ready to taste Grenada right here in Toronto.

Why Nutmegspiced?

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NutmegSpiced offers quality Grenadian baked goods and treats to our customers to bring warm memories to them and a sense of comfort.