I am reaching out to all of you today because something dramatic has happened recently in the most amazing way, but before I explain this remarkable change of events I would like to give some background information as to why this fundraiser is very necessary.

Sonisha's goal with NutmegSpiced is to bring pleasure and togetherness to everyone from all over the world by recreating some of Grenada's favorite island treats such as Cut-Cake, Coconut Fudge, Coconut Tarts, Groundnut Sugar-Cakes, Black Cake, Sweet Potato Pudding & more. These treats were some of her childhood's favorites which are freshly handmade from scratch with skills that were self-taught at a very young age along with some of her culinary mastery.


Sonisha goes out her her way to for you to "taste Grenada by obtaining authentic ingredients from the Spice Island and as you can see because of COVID and the prices that are being inflated, it is hard to bring that authenticity here. She is devoted because it is the right way to do it. She loves the smiles that are shown on her customers faces when they pick up their orders and welcomes the feedback that comes back with it as well. Sonisha makes sure to source the right blends of ingredients as well as using traditional techniques to bring authenticity to people's lives; not just in Toronto, but in hopes of reaching other parts of the world.


Recently there has been an increase in traffic and sales after being interviewed by BlogTO ) the demand for her baked goods is at an all time high. She didn't anticipate the need for her treats and to create something to be excited for in a long time. She realized that NutmegSpiced is much bigger than her and what she had dreamt about. We need a solid representation for authentic Grenadian food right here in Toronto. The mission that is underway is to construct a bakery facility where people can actually come in and share their experiences together whether it would be just stopping by to say hello and or when things start to open up, more so in store as well with tables, seats and fine Grenadian treats.

Sonisha is currently using a commercial kitchen that she constructed herself with all of her savings. The space is not open to walk-in customers. With the help of all of you, we will be able to build a home/landmark for a much needed permanent place for gourmet authentic Grenadian baked goods right here in Toronto. In order for this to happen, NutmegSpiced would need assistance in reaching this goal. With the proceeds that will be collected, she would be able to open a storefront, purchase much needed bigger machinery to speed up and keep up with demands; hire people who also share the same passion as she does and to cover the red tape formalities when running this facility. After the goal is reached, there will be a grand opening where everyone is invited to have a taste of her baked goods.


We would like to thank you in advance for your time and support in helping NutmegSpiced reach their goal and hope that you all have a wonderful day.