Caribbean fruit cake-nutmegspiced


At Nutmegspiced we believe in quality. All of our treats are carefully crafted from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. 

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Feeling peckish? Our Peckish box is a great way to sample and get introduced to some of  our treats-especially if you don't want an entire box. And if you’re looking for an excellent wedding favours, bridal shower, holiday or corporate gift idea, these boxes are for you. What's in the boxes? Each box contains 2 Cut-cake slices, 2 coconut Tarts, 2 fudge pieces.

Price $23

Our Taste of Home is a great way to try some sample of your favourite treats. It is also an amazing gift idea and a way to taste Grenada with 5 individually wrapped treats in one box. These boxes are ideal for wedding favors, engagement parties, business gifts, bridal showers, you name it.  You choose which five treats you would like in your box.

Price $30


Cut-cake(Coconut roll) (egg-free) $15-$43

Coconut Drops (egg-free) $15-$40

Coconut Tart(egg-free) $15-$42

Currant Roll(egg-free) $15-$32

Coconut Fudge $22-$40

Groundnut Sugar-cake (vegan) $35

Sweet Potato Pudding(vegan) $35

SWEET TREATS (seasonal) *3 day notice

Coconut & Spiced Buns(egg-free) $34

Caribbean Fruit Cake $55-$100

Black Rum Cake $50-$110

Spiced Sorrel $30

Ginger Beer $30


Cheese Straws $25

White Loaf(egg-free) $15-$25


Snow Ice $7-$7.50

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black rum cake-nutmegspiced


Our black rum cake is the highlight and a must-have on the island during Christmas season. It is made from dried fruits such as raisins, currants, prunes, Maraschino cherries and more. The fruits are infused/soaked in two premium quality rums and wines and aged for several months unveiling perfection. The fruit concoction is then pureed super fine and becomes the star in our cake batter. This pudding-like cake is rich, flavorful and melts in your mouth. Gourmet and superb all around-super moist, super rich and super boozy. Compliments well with any iced cold beverage of your choice.

Price $60-$110

Caribbean fruit cake-nutmegspiced


Our Caribbean fruit cake is an alternative to the traditional black rum cake. Made with finely processed fruits that has been fermented/soaked in two premium quality rums and wines. This rum and spice enhanced decadent cake just melts in your mouth and brings a complete different flavor profile with spice note such as bergamot~ it's enjoyed mostly at Christmas time as well as all throughout the year. An excellent way to get that Island flava in just one slice. Enjoyed with tea or coffee, sorrel or ginger beer or your favourite beverage. 

Price $55-$100 Special order

Allergy Information.

All products are made in an environment that may handle gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, soy and alcohol. If you are deadly allergic or have specific dietary requirements, please do not order our products. Understand that we don't offer any customizations to any of our menu items. Although our team takes all the necessary steps to ensure cross-contamination doesn't happen, however, there is always a risk that one of our products may come into contact with another product.