I am a proud Grenadian and the owner of Nutmegspiced. I am a culinary chef and a recipe developer. Nutmegspiced is a passion of mine which allows me to cultivate some of the best treats that my island has to offer.

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When I lived in Grenada(in St Patrick's), I wasn't able go to a bakery to purchase most of these treats because they were mostly made at home. Aside from your local neighbors selling them from outside of schools or alongside sports events, these treats were homemade economically friendly snacks for us. I remember the first time ever seeing someone make fudge. From breaking of the coconut, then hand-grating it, to straining out the milk and combining all the ingredients that will bring this lovely most decadent caramelized smooth and creamy coconut flavor candy. I was probably 8 years old when I attempted to make my first batch myself.

“Take a look at one of my bestsellers, the cut-cake(coconut roll)-I've decided to aim for a more evolved and gourmet product still maintaining the true essence of a traditional Grenadian dessert.

When I arrived here in 1998, I missed everything about Grenada. I missed my family and friends but most of all I missed the food. I really enjoyed these treats growing up, and so when I moved to Canada, I longed for them, they were the only thing that made me feel like home. I would get excited every time someone was coming here from Grenada because I couldn't wait for the treats or snacks that I knew would bring those lovely memories and what I missed so much. My favorite has always been fudge. So, when I first thought about #Nutmegspiced, it's not surprising that it was the first thing on the menu. Nutmegspiced is an excellent way to explore my culture and keep it alive here in Canada as well as to keep those warm memories from my childhood.

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With Nutmegspiced, my goal was never to recreate these treats/desserts exactly as they were back in Grenada. Take a look at one of my bestsellers for example, the cut-cake(#coconutroll)-I've decided to aim for a more evolved and gourmet product while still maintaining the true essence of a traditional Grenadian dessert. The cut-cakes I've had before, whether it was made here or in Grenada, uniquely it is usually made with a very simple bread dough which is quite dense and the filling inside was usually on the dry-side. I wanted to take a risk with my own creation it by elevating it to a modern-day classically rich pastry- but of course still managing to bring that familiarity we all recognize and miss so much. Staying true to the culture

The most important thing as a culinary chef is using quality ingredients and freshness. I only use 100% quality butter in all of the treats here at Nutmegspiced. I refrain from preservatives, fats such as Crisco and lard and we make it a point to use 100% fresh coconut despite of how labor intensive is and how dangerous it can be. So if you are looking for an elevated Grenadian dessert to evoke those warm memories of home or if you would like to experience our Spice Island, then look no farther. I feel truly blessed to have repeat customers all over the world. Each treat is handcrafted with love No need to travel to Grenada, taste Grenada here. #cutcake #grenadianbakery #caribbeandessert #gourmetgrenadiandessert #coconutdesserts #tastegrenada