What our clients are saying...

Heeeey omg firstly that buns is heavennnn. I put peanut butter on mine 🙈, the combination of the different fruits so evently distributed, amazing .
black cake I can’t wait to order once it hits the menu , the moisture is there , texture is on perfect ,more sugar for me though ☺️.
Thanks again .


OMG, SO good, thank you, you, thank you.


I haven't had this since I walked from my granny's house in Port of Spain to Princess Hannah bakery about 20 years ago.  It certainly wasn't this fresh either.


I will definitely spread the word.

~Aaron R

Hi Sonisha that sample box I got from you yesterday was freaking amazing. I shared it with my sister and she loved it as well. I am not a huge fan of coconut tart but the texture of your coconut mixture was different than the ones I've had. I actually really like yours. The sweet potato pudding was perfect texture and sweetness. The cutcakes was amazing, I haven't had that in a while because the last time I tried it from someone here, it was really dry and I was very disappointed.  The cheese straw was very cheesey and delicious. Also the texture of your dough was perfect. That is something my sister has been trying to perfect and couldn't. Now the fudge... hmm that coconut fudge reminded me of a woman who used to sell fudge close to my primary school in Grenada. That brought back soooo many memories. I've bought coconut fudge here before but they're always hard, yours was just melting in my mouth. You are an awesome baker/chef. My sister already has your info and now all my friends will have it as well. I appreciate the time and authenticity that you put into these delicious Grenadian treats. I will most definitely be back. I thought there would be at least one thing I wouldn't like... I was so wrong. Thank you. 

~Anthonia G

Hello Sonisha, Meant to write this since yesterday but was too lazy to compose. Wish I was in the mood to write all I want to say, but again I’m too lazy lol!!! So I will make it short. First thing you should know is that I am a pastry snob. Second thing you should know is that cheese straw is my favourite savoury snack. Third thing you should know is that you perfected your recipe. It is the perfect texture and what makes it even better is that it is not at all salty like ALL the others I have tried. For that reason, it was hard not to eat the whole box, but I did anyway lol!!! Should have ordered 2 boxes, since it is my favourite, but was not sure if I would have liked it. Now I know. I have so much to say about the other goodies, but we will end up with a dissertation, so again I will make it short and say that not only do you have a happy costumer, but also a customer for life. I just know God led you to me because I have been searching for a Grenadian bakery for ages. I also have to say that to me presentation is everything, and as such, you mastered it; from the packaging to the layout of the pastries in the box, and the beautiful card. Every detail was on point, and pleasing to the eyes. Thank you!!!

~Lystra W

Have to let you know, the coconut tarts were a HUGE hit!  Everyone loved them so much.  


And the cut cake, the Grenadians there were so excited.  One woman was going to visit her mom in Montreal this weekend and took some to bring her.  Said she didn’t think she’d had that in years.


And the fudge, can not go wrong with fudge!  Loved by the kids.

My son didn’t want me to give any of the sweet potato pudding away, lol!  Put some in the freezer so he can enjoy that for a while.


Thank you so much,


~Heidi R

I enjoyed the cutcake, coconut drops and tarts soooo much . They are absolutely the best 👍🏽. Thanks again for these yummy baked goodness 😋

~Sam C

Classic Grenadian treats! The taste and aroma of the coconut tarts and cutcakes give me that nostalgic feeling. Tastes and smells like my childhood. The portions are definitely worth the value. My absolute favourite treat is the cheese straws! I'm more of a savory vs sweet kinda gyal. The packaging is super cute too.

Anika P

Best potato pudding I've had in Canada. Great flavours in all the treats. Beautiful packaging and customer service. Highly recommend


It was great to have some authentic cut Cake ( I call coconut rolls back home 😅).
Baked fresh and picked up curb side safely. The pick up process could be smoother but the owner is working through it.

Overall I was happy with my purchase and it tasted great. And got to support a small business in the process.

~Ronell J